Stylized likeness - The Reading Nights

General / 28 November 2020

This is a stylized likeness I did for the blog "The Reading Nights" (all about Fantasy books)

It was insanely nice to do something different and far from my comfort zone, and I realized one thing, one main misconception most people have about stylized characters, they are much easier to sculpt than realistic portraits. Hell no!

I found this to be a huge learning experience, stepping into "unknown" territories for me opened up a gap I never really looked at. It is not just a bunch of primitives thrown together. One thing is true, yes they are really simple shapes, but this makes the job even harder! 

To be able to convey a particular character, or even a proper likeness, through very few shapes and curves, is not an easy task. I learned the simpler the harder, but it definitely pays off in the end. 

  This one was modeled in Zbrush and Maya, Textured in Substance Painter, and real-time rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3

Dom likeness wip

Work In Progress / 10 September 2020

Reworking some likeness in my portfolio, I'm currently tackling Dominique. Collecting tons of new ref, scrolling all of the Expanse episodes and her interviews on youtube. I hope I'll give justice to this sculpt soon or later. 

I am trying to correct the base anatomy with some realistic measurements first. I believe having a solid, more correct anatomy underneath will help along the process. 

Day 1 WIP


Emmanuel XYZ Breakdown

Making Of / 31 July 2020

Hello these are only some of the pictures from the breakdown published on XYZ website HERE

Loved the process and I loved even more to have the chance to share it with you!

A very wip I'm working on.

Work In Progress / 09 April 2020

National Portrait Gallery visit

General / 02 July 2018

Been at London's National Portrait gallery just recently, and took ton of reference photos from every angle.

These are couple of quick sculpts I did to study from real masterpieces, and to further develop my eye and observation skills, without any overaly while sculpting. 

I definetly reccomend a visit to this museum if you are in London!

Let's anatomy!

Making Of / 01 July 2018

Ok, I have a Blog now.

It sounds fresh, new and young. YES! 

So I better start posting something. Time to take this one off my main page now, and make a blog post out of it.

 I am probably  the only one reading this, but it might be kind of a therapy thing to keep me going and motivated! So here is the study I did during Scott Eaton's course some time ago, before the full figure submission. We studied human anotomy in blocks first, for the first half of the course. It was nice to see, and mostly understand, how range of movements affect muscles contraction and distension. But this is not enough, it is never enough, it will never be enough.. :p

  Been too quiet about personal work lately, better to wake up now!

Goodbye my enormous, gigantic following, stay tuned for the next post! (who the hell am I kidding, most likelly mumbling to myself! :D)