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Goblin sketch

Work In Progress / 21 March 2021

Throwback n.4 1 day speedsculpt started ages ago, based on Jonathan Fletcher 2D concept #speedsculpt #zbrush #creaturedesign #monster #3dcharacter #3dsculpt #conceptart #conceptdesign #turntable #digitalcharacter #digitalsketch #digitalcharacterdesign 

Sketch - Pacific Rim

Work In Progress / 20 March 2021

Throwback n.3 sketch started years ago and never continued. I have a ton like this! Always been a fan of the first Pacific Rim movie. Zbrush TT 

Dom likeness wip

Work In Progress / 10 September 2020

Reworking some likeness in my portfolio, I'm currently tackling Dominique. Collecting tons of new ref, scrolling all of the Expanse episodes and her interviews on youtube. I hope I'll give justice to this sculpt soon or later. 

I am trying to correct the base anatomy with some realistic measurements first. I believe having a solid, more correct anatomy underneath will help along the process. 

Day 1 WIP


A very wip I'm working on.

Work In Progress / 09 April 2020