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Let's anatomy!

Making Of / 01 July 2018

Ok, I have a Blog now.

It sounds fresh, new and young. YES! 

So I better start posting something. Time to take this one off my main page now, and make a blog post out of it.

 I am probably  the only one reading this, but it might be kind of a therapy thing to keep me going and motivated! So here is the study I did during Scott Eaton's course some time ago, before the full figure submission. We studied human anotomy in blocks first, for the first half of the course. It was nice to see, and mostly understand, how range of movements affect muscles contraction and distension. But this is not enough, it is never enough, it will never be enough.. :p

  Been too quiet about personal work lately, better to wake up now!

Goodbye my enormous, gigantic following, stay tuned for the next post! (who the hell am I kidding, most likelly mumbling to myself! :D)